Stylish & Comfortable Active Wear for Men.

Who is Feather & Square?

We are an eco-conscious, men’s active & life wear clothing brand.

Encouraging the freedom of movement whilst allowing you to perform at your best, with greater agility, unhindered through performance clothing that is both comfortable and stylish, and that has a sustainable outlook.

Comfortable, cool & stylish gear for those with an endurance and goal-driven mindset.

A Little Background

Feather & Square has been set up by Jonathan who has struggled to find good quality, men’s activewear products that are also stylish and sustainable. There are plenty for women to choose from but very little for men. 

I found one brand I loved, called “Ohmme”, but unfortunately, the owners decided to close the business due to a falling out. The gear was so good, I want to try and bring it back to life. They appeared on the likes of Dragons Den and raised investment successfully from Peter Jones and had many Yoga influencers raving about their products, particularly the Dharma Pants and the Cobra Tee’s. 

The other brand I really like uses superfine Merino Wool ( – due to its breathability, natural anti-bacterial properties, and is moisture-wicking abilities. Plus Merino being eco-friendly and stylish.

For me the key things are –

  • regulates body temperature
    • breathable
    • wickability (dry wicking – for when you’re exercising)
  • comfortable
  • fitted – for example, the Cobra T-shirt and Dharma pants, due to the elasticity, they don’t “fall” when you do a handstand – very important.
  • light to wear
  • sustainable
  • looks stylish in any situation

June 2022

– List from Antonio for 600 manufacturers in Portugal arriving 17th June.

– Hit up 20 per day until you find someone who can help

– Build out a social media content strategy

Establish A Manufacturer

Understand pricing, timings and MOQs for the Dharma Pant and the Cobra T-shirt.

Maybe there will also be a small manufacturer who’ll be interested in investing? Like John ref RR merch.

July 2022

Build out the Kickstarter campaign with a view to launching on Tues, September 6th, 2022.

Build out Social Media campaigns to grow followers. 


Useful bits:

Timing Tips Launching 1 Launching 2 Launching 3

Preparation of Kickstart Campaign.

Build out all the assets for the campaign, video, and images, and have the prototype completed and modelled properly.

Push F&S out on Socials.

Creation Of Campaign

Create the campaign in readiness to launch the 2nd week of September. Also ensuring the offer and things are good to go.

Reach out to all of Ohmme Yoga’s ambassadors and fan bases to ask if they’d support the campaign. If they loved Ohmme, they’ll love this even more…

Tues 6th September

Launch the campaign and reach out to ask many people in both my network and wherever possible to ensure the success of the campaign. 

Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Launch the campaign. 

30 days after launch; on a Thurs, finish the campaign.

Campaign Finishes

Then make a decision as to what to do next.

Product Range

  1. Dharma Pants [run a Kickstarter campaign]
  2. Cobra Tees (bamboo) [run a Kickstarter campaign]
  3. Merino Wool Tees, short and long sleeve
  4. Merino Wool Hoodie
  5. Merino Wool Pants
  6. Socks (bamboo) [+subscription model]
  7. Underwear (bamboo or merino wool or a mix)

Product One. Men’s Dharma Pants.

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Other colours to come later….

 General Details:

Designed to provide comfort and grip in any yoga, pilates or rowing class, with no restrictions and no sweat patches.

Looks good also wearing out, not just in a studio or water doing exercise.

The Dharma pants for men sit in place and offer great support. You can pull them up for a 3/4 length and a tighter feel, or keep them down to maintain heat during practice and find a grip for balance poses. Either way, you will find great mobility thanks to the excellent stretchy material, strong seams, and a reinforced gusset panel at the crotch.

Fast drying and wrinkle resistant, the silk-like polyester jersey is resilient, elastic, and feels soft to the touch, making these Dharma pants the epitome of extra comfort and ease. And thanks to their high elastane content, the pants won’t lose their shape.

  • Durable, flexible-weave fabric
  • Sweat-wicking, fast-drying
  • Polyester – Spandex
  • Trousers & Leggings
  • Yoga joggers for in and out the studio
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Polyester – Spandex
  • If we can also quote based on zip pockets

If we can use bamboo with this instead of PES then let me know.


95% PES; 5% Elastane

NOTES: Can we substitute PES for Bamboo? Or even Merino Wool?


Starting with just two colours, this a black colour and a grey colour.

    Product Two. Men’s Cobra T-shirt

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    General Details:

    A refined fit; using bamboo fibre is extremely soft and breathes well. Its moisture-wicking and absorption properties are even more efficient than that of regular cotton or microfibre and its natural anti-microbial quality makes this item antibacterial and odour free. Designed to stay in place during yoga inversions, our Cobra T-Shirt won’t let you down: well fitted, it looks and feels amazing! Tighter around the waist so it will not fall on your face while upside down or in downward dog, our yoga top is indispensable for a comfortable practice. This top is ideal everywhere, in or out of the studio. Super soft Natural bamboo fabric Resistant Sweat-wicking Wrinkle resistant Quick Dry


    95% bamboo; 5% Elastane


    Starting with just two colours, this grey and a black colour.

      Product Three. Men’s Merino Wool Short & Long Sleeve T-shirt.

      General Details:


      • Thermoregulation: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer.
      • Odour Resistant.
      • Breathable.
      • Dry All Year Round.
      • Versatile.
      • Quick Dry.
      • Reflective Logo.
      • Sleeve Thumbhole for additional hand warmth when required.


      • 100% Merino wool jersey
      • Ultra-fine 16.5 micron
      • 150 GSM


      Starting with just three colours, black, grey and white.

        Product Four. Men’s Hoodie. Merino Wool.

        General Details:

        Sleek, timeless, and minimalist design – All the features you need and looks great in any situation.


        • Thermoregulation: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer.
        • Odour Resistant.
        • Breathable.
        • Dry All Year Round.
        • Versatile.
        • Quick Dry.
        • Reflective Logo.
        • Sleeve Thumbhole for additional hand warmth when required.


        • 97% ultra-fine Merino wool / 3% elastane for durability and stretch
        • 21.5 micron
        • 250 GSM
        • Matte black pull tab with sleek inverted zipper
        • Seamless pockets

          1. MATTE YKK ZIPPER

          With black oxidized finish.

          2. 21.5 MICRON

          Experience luxuriously soft, superfine Merino wool at its finest.

          3. 97% MERINO / 3% ELASTANE

          Built to last with added stretch and durability.

          4. 250 GSM

          GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the fabric’s weight. At 250 gsm you’ll experience a light and perfect drape, without the heaviness of your typical hoodie.


          Minimalist design to keep you looking sleek.


          Starting with just one colour, this black colour.

            Product Five. Men’s Merino Wool Pants. 


            Every Merino wool fibre has a waxy coating called Lanolin, which helps wick moisture away from your body and acts as a safeguard against odour-causing bacteria. This is what allows our Merino to stay breathable and dry while smelling and feeling fresh, no matter what you put it through. For the Merino Pants, our wool is blended with Elastane for added stretch and durability.


            • Ultralight, compact and wrinkle-resistant for easy packing.
            • Hidden zipper back pocket that fits a phone.
            • Stretchy comfort
            • Versatile style for every occasion.


            Comfort and unrestricted movement are one of our top priorities. This innovative gusset eliminates 4 seams coming together in one spot creating freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience.

            SOFT & STRETCHY

            Made from machine washable premium Merino wool, these pants feature a 2-way stretch twill that feels amazing against your skin and lets you move with ease.


            With Merino, your body heat can pass through the space between our woven superfine fibres, regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool & comfortable.


            A Merino wool fibre resembles a tightly coiled spring, also called a crimp. Pull it and it will recoil back into shape every single time.

            EASY CARE

            When it comes time for a refresh, simply add it to your load at the normal or cool temperature setting and then lay it flat to dry. Iron on low if necessary.

            Other Items I’d like to add:

            • an active running short/board short
            • Under “board shorts” – I can give you details later. I bought a pair of Hurley underboard shorts in California years ago, and they’re brilliant. I’ve never been able to find a pair like them since.
            • bamboo socks, multi coloured and fun
            • merino wool or bamboo mens underwear (boxers)