Little pieces of gorgeous, organic, 100% natural, deliciousness!


(is what we like to call it!)



The only thing we’re serious about is marshmallows!

We’ve got something for everyone

Organic, 100% natural, handmade artisan marshmallows in recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Little pieces of delicioushness.

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Delight in every bite

Life’s too short for boring food

Enjoy after dinner, at elevenses, with your hot drink in the afternoon!

Little pieces of delicioushness. Why wouldn’t you!

We also get asked to create small boxes for gifts at Weddings and events where we can use colors to suit the occassion. A little decadence at your event.

With long shelf lives and easy to store, they are one of the easiest and best things to give away.

Tickle your taste buds


We can provide fabulous pieces of deliciousness for your event(s) and theme them based on the colours requested.

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Tickle your taste buds


Wedding Gifts, Valentines Gifts, Birthday Gifts – we can even make them into different  shapes, like hearts.

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Buy our signature Marshmallows to enjoy at home, or take to someone’s dinner party!

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Join our VIP club and receive a bag of little pieces of delicioushness each month.

Get a mixed bag of our signature marshmallows delivered to your door each month! Enjoy by yourself with a cuppa, after dinner or with friends over a catchup!

Monthly Delivery

Taste the difference

Try one of ours against shop bought marshmallows, or some of the other makers of marshmallows who add in all sorts of ingredients.

We focus on pure, natural ingredients, where our base is just 3 ingredients, pure organic raw cane sugar, pure organic gellatin, and we tend to add in some organic madagascar vanilla in most of our recipes in varying degrees of quantities. That’s it. 


“Best I’ve ever tried! And I don’t even have a sweet tooth but their chocolate marshmallows are just amazing! Give them a try…”

Richard Knowles

We’re always in the mood for marshmallows!

We love getting ideas from our customers so please do shout and tell us any of your ideas. We’ll experiment!