Stylish & Comfortable Active Wear for Men.

Who is Feather & Square?

We are an eco-conscious, men’s active & life wear clothing brand.

Encouraging the freedom of movement whilst allowing you to perform at your best, with greater agility, unhindered through performance clothing that is both comfortable and stylish, and that has a sustainable outlook.

Comfortable, cool & stylish gear for those with an endurance and goal-driven mindset.

A Little Background

Feather & Square has been set up by Jonathan who has struggled to find good quality, men’s activewear products that are also stylish and sustainable. There are plenty for women to choose from but very little for men. 

I found one brand I loved, called “Ohmme”, but unfortunately, the owners decided to close the business due to a falling out. The gear was so good, I want to try and bring it back to life. They appeared on the likes of Dragons Den and raised investment successfully from Peter Jones and had many Yoga influencers raving about their products, particularly the Dharma Pants and the Cobra Tee’s. 

The other brand I really like uses superfine Merino Wool – due to its breathability, natural anti-bacterial properties, and is moisture-wicking abilities. Plus Merino being eco-friendly and stylish.

For me the key things are –

  • regulates body temperature
    • breathable
    • wickability (dry wicking – for when you’re exercising)
    • quick drying
  • comfortable + stretchy for the yoga studio and when rowing
  • fitted – for example, the Cobra T-shirt and Dharma pants, due to the elasticity, they don’t “fall” when you do a handstand – important.
  • light to wear
  • sustainable
  • looks stylish in any situation

Product Range

  1. Dharma Pants (Merino Wool)
  2. Cobra Tees – (Merino Wool), short and long sleeve
  3. Orion Hoodie – (Merino Wool)
  4. Vajra Tees (made from bamboo) (adding later)
  5. Socks (bamboo/merino or a mix) [+subscription model] (adding later)
  6. Underwear (bamboo/merino wool or a mix) (adding later stage)

The first product to market is to be the Dharma Pants, replacing what Ohmme did previously doing a Kickstarter campaign.


Product One. The Dharma Pants.

Men’s Merino Wool Pants. A hybrid of these.


95% Merino Wool blended with 5% Elastane for added stretch and durability.


  • Hidden zipper back pocket AND side pockets that fits a phone, and big enough for a couple of tennis balls. This is important for rowing.
  • Hidden Gusset – for comfort and unrestricted movement. Important for sports. 
  • Sweat-wicking, fast-drying
  • Keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold
  • High quality, smooth to the touch – not itchy as wool can be
  • Needs to be snug to the skin, but not tight. Like tapered jeans or pants.
  • Machine washable
  • Bi-stretch
  • Zipper fly
  • 360-380GSM
  • Single Button Clasp


Product Two. The Cobra T-shirt.

Men’s Merino Wool Short & Long Sleeve T-shirt.

General Details:


  • Thermoregulation: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer.
  • Odour Resistant.
  • Breathable.
  • Dry All Year Round.
  • Versatile.
  • Quick Dry.
  • Reflective Logo.
  • Sleeve Thumbhole for additional hand warmth when required.


  • 100% Merino wool jersey
  • Ultra-fine 16.5 micron
  • 150 GSM


Starting with just three colours, black, grey and white.

    Product Three. Men’s Hoodie. Merino Wool.

    General Details:

    Sleek, timeless, and minimalist design – All the features you need and looks great in any situation.


    • Thermoregulation: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer.
    • Odour Resistant.
    • Breathable.
    • Dry All Year Round.
    • Versatile.
    • Quick Dry.
    • Reflective Logo.
    • Sleeve Thumbhole for additional hand warmth when required.
    • Use of the wicking product you have so this can be used in sports, mainly rowing and going to and from the yoga studio in winter months



    • 97% ultra-fine Merino wool / 3% elastane for durability and stretch
    • 21.5 micron
    • 250 GSM
    • Matte black pull tab with sleek inverted zipper
    • Seamless pockets


      With black oxidized finish.

      2. 21.5 MICRON

      Experience luxuriously soft, superfine Merino wool 

      3. 97% MERINO / 3% ELASTANE

      Built to last with added stretch and durability.

      4. 250 GSM

      GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the fabric’s weight. At 250 gsm you’ll experience a light and perfect drape, without the heaviness of your typical hoodie.


      Minimalist design to keep you looking sleek.


      Starting with just one colour, this black colour.

        Other Items I’d like to add at a later stage:

        • an active running short/board short with zipped pockets
        • Under “board shorts” – I can give you details later. I bought a pair of Hurley underboard shorts in California years ago, and they’re brilliant. I’ve never been able to find a pair like them since.
        • bamboo socks, multi coloured and fun
        • merino wool or bamboo mens underwear (boxers)